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  • Kenneth Makus

Big News! I have made the difficult decision to move.

Hello all, we just finalized the plans today to change my practice location. This has been a difficult decision as I have greatly appreciated the support the team at Neuroservices has given me and my patients for 21 years. Parting after so many years at this practice is difficult. I have appreciated the team, the location and the great office layout. The team has been very gracious and understanding with this decision. During the pandemic I realized, simply put, that I did not miss my daily commute to the office. When I started with Neuroservices 2 decades ago we were living near Mill Creek Ravine. As many of you know we know live on a farm not too far from Beaumount. To put things in perspective I can be in Camrose in about the same time it takes me to get to my current office. The new location is about half the commute. With the workload seeming to be ever increasing courtesy, among others things, ever increasing insurance company paperwork, I feel that the travel time is better spent attending to patients' needs. Further details will be forthcoming soon.

Briefly, the new location is easily accessible via the Anthony Henday. The location is close to some amazing shopping and restaurants, which may or may not be a good thing. I have carefully mapped out the travel distance from various parts of the city including travel time on Edmonton Transit. The new location is quite close to a planned LRT station. It is also very convenient for those coming from out of town due to its proximity to the Anthony Henday and QE 2 Highway. There is plenty of parking available and easy accessibility for those who are in wheelchairs. For those who might find it challenging to attend the new clinic there is now the option of virtual care as well.

With this transition, there is a great degree of extra work, so I appreciate your added patience. By way of just one example, the new office will be completely paperless so I have had to find a place to store my many paper files. However, I am hoping that the move to a paperless office will be beneficial to all in the longer term.

I look forward to welcoming you the office later this summer or in the fall. Have a safe and wonderful summer.

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