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What is Multiple Sclerosis? | MS Canada
Gastric tolerance of high-dose pulse oral (PDF)
Information about MS in other languages | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK
Managing relapses | MS Trust
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America | MSAA
Cover Story: Wellness in MS, Nutrition | MSAA
Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS) | National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS) (PDF)
Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life (MSQOL)-54 Instrument (PDF)
PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire-9)
COVID-19 Guidelines for people living with MS (PDF)
COVID-19 coronavirus and MS | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK
MS and Vaccinations Fact Sheet | Cleveland Clinic
Canadian Guidelines for MS and COVID-19 Vaccination
Home Exercise Tips for People with Multiple Sclerosis
MS exercises for Strength and Balance (PDF)
Bowel management - Reeve Foundation
Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Management | MSAA
Progressing RMS Treatment | MAYZENT® (siponimod)
Mavenclad (cladribine) | MS Trust
Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) | National Multiple Sclerosis Society
FDA Approves Kesimpta® (ofatumumab), Similar to Ocrevus®, for Relapsing MS | National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Glatect Clinical Trial (Summary) (PDF)
Glatect Clinical Trial (Full) (PDF)
Aging and MS
Vaccinations and MS
Excellent review of vaccines and MS (PDF)
Sleep and MS
Fatigue | MSAA
Special diets and MS | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK
Sex and MS - MS Society
Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and MS
Hair Loss and MS
Clear Thinking about Alternative MS Therapies Brochure
Spasticity (stiffness) | MSAA
Timed 25ft Walk
Tysabri PML calculator
The Walking Drug - Ampyra
Effects of disease‑modifying therapy on peripheral leukocytes in patients with MS
Pelvic Floor exercises for MS
Trigeminal Neuralgia in MS
(Updated) Long-Term Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
CPP-D Application Support through the MS Society | MS Canada
Discontinuation of disease-modifying therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis over age 60
First Line MS Therapies Chart (PDF)
Second & Third Line MS Therapies Chart (PDF)
IVIG Fact Sheet
Detailed Review of Hidden MS Symptoms
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)
Study: Older MS patients who discontinue medications experience worsening of their disease (PDF)
Pain in Multiple Sclerosis Fact Sheet | Cleveland Clinic
MS Purple Feet — Causes and Prevention | MyMSTeam
Lymphedema in Multiple Sclerosis (PDF)
Safety Risks of MRI With Gadolinium Contrast Dye
The effect of self-assessed fatigue and subjective cognitive impairment on work capacity: The case of multiple sclerosis (PDF)
Multiple Sclerosis and Job Difficulties
Discontinuing Disease-Modifying Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis - Practical Neurology
Results of the DISCO-MS Study
Cranberries and lower urinary tract infection prevention (PDF)
Affairs Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence Pocket Reference for MS Disease Modifying Therapies
Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs in MS
The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement
NeuroSask - School of Rehabilitation Science - College of Medicine | University of Saskatchewan
Mental Health
TIA Differential Diagnoses (PDF)
White Matter Diseases with Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation (PDF)
Small Fiber Neuropathy
Compounded Creams for Neuropathy (PDF)
So Many Migraine Therapies
Current and emerging evidence-based treatment options in chronic migraine
Recommendations Regarding Corticosteroids in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis
Diagnosis and Management of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
MS bladder management
Management of acute exacerbations in MS
Normal-pressure hydrocephalus: A critical review
Trigeminal Neuralgia Article
Simplified guideline for prescribing medical cannabinoids in primary care
COVID Vaccines Canada (PDF)
Anti-epileptic drugs and Contraception
CSF in various neurological disorders
More than you ever wanted to know about a spinal (PDF)
Post Lumbar Puncture Leak
Hormonal Contraceptive Options for Women With Headache
MS, Covid and Vaccinations
Neurologist's Guide to ER Treatment of Migraines
Treatment of acute migraine in the emergency department
DHE therapy for migraine
DHE/Raskin protocol for headaches
Everything you wanted to know about Parkinsons from Lancet
Sleep and Developmental Delay
Review of Neuropathic Pain
Sleep Dysfunction and its Management in Parkinson’s Disease
Switching Disease Modifying Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Rating Scales
Cholinergic issues in Parkinson's
Monitoring of MS Medications
Infectious complications of MS treatments
MS medications and Cancer
Can We Treat Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Now?
Treatment of Tourette's syndrome
Pregnancy and MS
The role of Epstein-Barr virus in multiple sclerosis: from molecular pathophysiology to in vivo imaging
PD and SSRIs (Parkinsonism secondary to duloxetine use: a case report)
Management of Bladder issues in MS
Antibiotic Prophylaxis in MS patients with bladder infections
Therapeutic novelties in migraine: new drugs, new hope?
Contraceptive conundrums: A case report of a woman with migraine
Restless Leg and Muscle Pain
Headache Guidelines
Headaches That Roam the Night
Hypothermia in Multiple Sclerosis: Beyond the Hypothalamus? (PDF)
Antidepressant-Induced Female Sexual Dysfunction (PDF)
Efficacy of desmopressin in treatment of nocturia in elderly men (PDF)
Freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease (PDF)
Opiates and elderly: Use and side effects
Recognition and Management of Behavioral Disturbances in Dementia
Parkinson's Disease Impulsive-Compulsive Disorders Questionnaire (PDF)
NIHMS353532-supplement-QUIP-RS_Instruction_Sheet (PDF)
Guidelines for Treatment of Prolonged Seizures in Children and Adults
NPH Video #1
NPH Video #2
New Futuristic Therapy for Tinnitus - Lenire
Vitamin D supplementation in multiple sclerosis: an expert opinion based on the review of current evidence
A Brief Review of the Effects of Vitamin D on Multiple Sclerosis
Infectious Complications of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies: Implications for Screening, Prophylaxis, and Management
Genetic Testing in Neurology
Diagnosis and management of migraine in ten steps
Office approach to small fi ber neuropathy (PDF)
Neuromuscular Amyloidosis
Risks and risk management in modern multiple sclerosis immunotherapeutic treatment
Myoclonus‐ A Review (PDF)
Functional Neurological Disorder (PDF)
Drug-induced movement disorders (PDF)
Botox and Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia (PDF)
New Daily Persistent Headache (PDF)
Difficult to Treat Chronic Migraine: Outpatient Medication Approaches (PDF)
Lymphopenia and DMTs for relapsing forms of MS (PDF)
Neuropathic Pain in the Elderly
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