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  • Kenneth Makus

Taking care of one another during this time of crisis

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hello all,

What I consider our first week of actively dealing with Covid-19 is past us. I dearly wish we could speed up time and already be done dealing with the virus. It has been a challenging and busy week as we try to figure out how to care for our patients while keeping both them and us safe. I am very thankful for the technology we have, as it will make things easier as we try to remain in close communication. This website is one attempt to communicate effectively.

I realize that my MS patients, in particular, are concerned about the increased risks of Covid-19. The first file I've uploaded from the MS group in Canada details the thoughts as to the risk of MS medications. I remain concerned for my other patients as well, of course, and hope and pray they will also stay safe as they self-isolate. I worry about the emotional stress this is placing on all of us but am particularly concerned about my colleagues at the front lines. I have put the link to Access 24/7 on my website. Please use it if you are suffering mental distress.

I am still trying to find a safe way of getting Botox administered for my headache patients. Stress of course exacerbates headaches. Please stay tuned as it relates to this issue.

I pray that you stay safe and well.


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